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currency: Macedonian denar (MKD)
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major transportation corridor from Western and Central Europe to Aegean Sea and Southern Europe to Western Europe
Macedonia history
Macedonia gained its independence peacefully from Yugoslavia in 1991. Greece's objection to the new state's use of what it considered a Hellenic name and symbols delayed international recognition, which occurred under the provisional designation of "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia." In 1995, Greece lifted a 20-month trade embargo and the two countries agreed to normalize relations, but the issue of the name remained unresolved and negotiations for a solution are ongoing. Since 2004, the United States and 133 other nations have recognized Macedonia by its constitutional name, Republic of Macedonia. Some ethnic Albanians, angered by perceived political and economic inequities, launched an insurgency in 2001 that eventually won the support of the majority of Macedonia's ethnic Albanian population and led to the internationally-brokered Ohrid Framework Agreement, which ended the fighting and established guidelines for the creation of new laws that enhanced the rights of minorities. Fully implementing the Framework Agreement, maintaining momentum on democratic reforms, and stimulating economic growth and development continue to be challenges for Macedonia, although progress has been made over the past several years.
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Conventional long form: Republic of Macedonia

Conventional short form: Macedonia

Local long form: Republika Makedonija

Local short form: Makedonija

Formerly known as: Republic of Macedonia, Socialist Republic of Macedonia
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Macedonia's capital city is Skopje
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Macedonia Constitution:

adopted 17 November 1991, effective 20 November 1991;
amended November 2001, 2005, and in 2009
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Macedonia population growth rate: 0.237%
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Macedonia highest point: Golem Korab (Maja e Korabit) 2,764 m
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Macedonia lowest point: Vardar River 50 m
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About 22% of Macedonia's land is arable.
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Macedonia birth rate is 12 births/1,000 population
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Macedonia infant mortality rate is 8 deaths/1,000 live births
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Macedonia fertility rate is 1.59 children born/woman
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Macedonia climate:

warm, dry summers and autumns;
relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall
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Top 10 cities of Macedonia with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Skopje: 506,926
2. Bitola: 74,550
3. Kumanovo: 70,842
4. Prilep: 66,246
5. Tetovo: 52,915
6. Veles: 43,716
7. Štip: 43,652
8. Ohrid: 42,033
9. Gostivar: 35,847
10. Strumica: 35,311
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Macedonia ethnic groups:

Macedonian - 64.2%
Albanian - 25.2%
Turkish - 3.9%
Roma (Gypsy) - 2.7%
Serb - 1.8%
other - 2.2%
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Macedonia Exports:

miscellaneous manufactures
automotive parts
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Macedonia Imports:

machinery and equipment
food products
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unicameral Assembly or Sobranie (123 seats; all members elected by popular vote from party lists based on the percentage of the overall vote the parties gain in each of six electoral and three diaspora districts; members serve four-year terms)

Administrative Divisions:
84 municipalities (opstini, singular - opstina); Aerodrom (Skopje), Aracinovo, Berovo, Bitola, Bogdanci, Bogovinje, Bosilovo, Brvenica, Butel (Skopje), Cair (Skopje), Caska, Centar (Skopje), Centar Zupa, Cesinovo, Cucer Sandevo, Debar, Debarca, Delcevo, Demir Hisar, Demir Kapija, Dojran, Dolneni, Dorce Petrov (Gjorce Petrov) (Skopje), Drugovo, Gazi Baba (Skopje), Gevgelija, Gostivar, Gradsko, Ilinden, Jegunovce, Karbinci, Karpos (Skopje), Kavadarci, Kicevo, Kisela Voda (Skopje), Kocani, Konce, Kratovo, Kriva Palanka, Krivogastani, Krusevo, Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Lozovo, Makedonska Kamenica, Makedonski Brod, Mavrovo i Rostusa, Mogila, Negotino, Novaci, Novo Selo, Ohrid, Oslomej, Pehcevo, Petrovec, Plasnica, Prilep, Probistip, Radovis, Rankovce, Resen, Rosoman, Saraj (Skopje), Sopiste, Staro Nagoricane, Stip, Struga, Strumica, Studenicani, Suto Orizari (Skopje), Sveti Nikole, Tearce, Tetovo, Valandovo, Vasilevo, Veles, Vevcani, Vinica, Vranestica, Vrapciste, Zajas, Zelenikovo, Zelino, Zrnovci
Political parties and leaders:
Albanian Democratic Union or BDSh [Bardhyl MAHMUTI]; Democratic League of Bosniaks in Macedonia [Rafet MUMINOVIC]; Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia or DPSM [Ivan STOILJKOVIC]; Democratic Party of the Albanians or PDSh [Menduh THACI]; Democratic Party of Turks of Macedonia or DPTM [Kenan HASIPI]; Democratic Renewal of Macedonia or DOM [Liljana POPOVSKA]; Democratic Union or DS [Pavle TRAJANOV]; Democratic Union for Integration or BDI [Ali AHMETI]; Dosoinstvo (Diginity) [Stojance ANGELOV]; Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity or VMRO-DPMNE [Nikola GRUEVSKI]; Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization - People's Party or VMRO-NP [Ljubco GEORGIEVSKI]; Liberal Democratic Party or LDP [Andrej ZENOVSKI]; Liberal Party of Macedonia or LP [Ivon VELICKOVSKI]; Movement for Turkish National Union [Erdogan SARAC]; National Democratic Revival or RDK [Rufi OSMANI]; New Democracy or ND [Imer SELMANI]; New Social-Democratic Party or NSDP [Tito PETKOVSKI]; Party for Democratic Action of Macedonia or SDA [Avdija PEPIC]; Party for the Total Emancipation of Roma or PCER [Samka IBRAIMOVSKI]; Party of United Democrats of Macedonia or PODEM [Zivko JANKULOVSKI]; Party on European Future or PEI [Fijat CANOSKI]; Serbian Progressive Party in Macedonia or SPSM [Dragisha MILETIC]; Social Democratic Union of Macedonia or SDSM [Branko CRVENKOVSKI]; Socialist Party of Macedonia or SP [Ljubisav IVNAOV DZINGO]; Union of Roma of Macedonia or SR [Amdi BAJRAM]; United for Macedonia or OM [Ljube BOSKOSKI]